Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Girl's Thoughts on Praying for her Sister

Yesterday I was talking to a little girl. She was telling me how mean her sister is and some of the things her sister does. I told her sometimes kids are like that and can learn being like that from someone else.. Also that she needs to pray for her always no matter what she does and pray that God will show her how ugly her heart is so she can change for the better. I also reminded her sometimes bad things happen to good people. Basically not to let her sister get her down. She said " Ya that reminds me of a song called pray for you." I asked who it was by. I looked it up and listened to it... the first part I was like Awww this is a great Christian song!!! Then it started playing more and I was like !!! I started laughing. Then was like OH NO LOL I didn't mean to pray for her like that!!!! Kids have it all in them to pray like this sometimes, but thank God they learn better when they grow up. It's crazy that she thought of this song out of all songs when I said she needed to pray for her sister.. 

I was also thinking how sometimes adults might act like kids and pray this way too. :(. I admit before I was saved and didn't know a thing about prayer I would pray like this sometimes. I'm glad and thankful now that I know better. Now I would NEVER pray like that and have learned to LOVE the people that have treated or treat me badly.

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I just found your blog and became your newest follower! :) Great blog! :)