Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calling ALL moms!!! Advice please!

My youngest is now 14 months old and as you probably remember from the post we had with the scare, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth! Well, it seems like everything BUT food. I'm having a hard time getting her to eat food, but that can be another post.
I'm always picking up and vacuuming but she will find something even if it's hair! My older kids at this age didn't have this problem. It's frustrating since I keep close eye on her but all it takes is one second and we are back to Jan 1st... 
Today I was making posole and cutting onions. Well, I guess a piece of onion fell on the floor and she sure did find at and put it in her mouth she spit it right out though.... I was thinking this is enough and thinking of how many things I have found in her mouth. I couldn't even count! I had to take her to the ER yesterday since she has been sick and vomiting even with all of that it doesn't stop her from putting things in her mouth that isn't food.

I know there has to be one mom out there that had a baby put every single thing in their mouth. What did you do to break the habit? Did you have a scare like we did? How long did this phase last? What advice do you have for me? Thank you soo much!!!! 

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Chari said...

Ethan was always eating stuff off the floor and ate books and everything else up until after 2 years old. I really don't have any advice for you about it. I hope someone does for you!