Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Rid of Blemishes is NOT Easy!

Yesterday I came across some info on how to help blemishes. Has anyone heard of washing your face with lemon juice? My face has gotten worse so I figured I would give it a try. I found a site that also says to leave the lemon juice on your face overnight. Well  last night I tried it and OMGoodness it burned LOL but I figured that it had to be working. It stung and burned for maybe 5 minutes then felt a little tight. I guess it's supposed to shrink pores as well as diminish the appearance of scars. My blemishes didn't go away but my face felt smoother and despite the things I read about lemon juice drying out your face, mine didn't dry one bit! After washing my face this morning I put more all over my face to leave on the rest of the day. Like with everything you try, time will only tell if it's working or not. 

I was using this Olay facewash that was working great and as of about a week ago I just started breaking out bad again (this time worse than before). I'm 27 years old you would think my face would be clear especially since I have never had a problem with acne until this year! My baby brother (22) has beautiful skin and has never had problems either. I know with him he NEVER touches his face nor does he let anyone touch his face. If I recall correctly, my mom will hug him and touch her face on his and he will wipe it off or wash it. (can't remember which exactly)  

Has anyone tried the lemon juice thing? Did it work? What do you use to keep your face clear? 


JillAileenJones said...

Did you know that your skin breaks out most of the time because it is lacking moisture and so it goes into over drive to produce it? Sometimes when people break out they stop using moisturizer thinking that is causing their skin to me oily and break out and it isn't that at all. Dry skin needing it will break out. Stuff that is too rich for your skin type can do it too though and things with fragrance too.

Brandy said...

I had a problem with my chin area after I had Elizabeth and still do sometimes. I found that pro active works best for me. I tried so many different products before I found it. I dont use it everyday because of the cost, just when i need it or once a week.