Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Mission of Mine!

As you all know I have only talked to my 1 year old in Spanish since she was born. Well, now she is 14 1/2 months and my Spanish is limited. I knew enough to get me through this year with her, but if I want her to be fluent in both Spanish and English I NEED to get on the ball and start learning more myself which I have been trying to do.

If I need to tell her something and I don't know how to say it I look it up on Google Translator , use my Spanish/English Dictionary (it's always with me), but that doesn't help with how to say sentences correctly or I ask my mom (who is fluent in Spanish). Google Translator hasn't been always accurate as well and some things I say, I found out from my mom weren't correct and a word was being said in a way than what I wanted.

I have even tried Instant Immersion Spanish, there are 2 CDs and I passed both with flying colors. Everything that it taught I already knew. The games where fun, BUT easy ... this is for someone that doesn't know any Spanish.

If we watch Disney movies I select the audio in Spanish and the music we play is only Spanish as well. Yes, my husband and son talk to my daughter in English, but since she is around me more she just understands the Spanish I speak to her. She loves me to read to her and we have a few books that are in both Spanish/English. One toy that is also in Spanish/English and the other day we got her Baby Einstein Tarjetas de Aprendizaje de Idiomas. I do like these since she can see what they are AND on the back they use the words in different sentences which is also helpful. There's nothing in English on these cards and I'm glad I know what the sentences mean (they have helped a lot) I just wish there were more cards in the pack.

I'm determined to learn Spanish fluently and to teach my daughter as well. I admit I know A LOT more than I did last year, but what I do know should be way more as a parent trying to communicate with her child. We also got my son Hooked on Spanish  but he knew everything that they had on there as well from listening to me. It taught hola, adios, and the numbers in Spanish, which he already knew.

I have heard MANY things about Rosetta Stone and if you click HERE you can see the different levels of programs that they have to learn Spanish. It's pretty pricey, but to be fluent in a language I feel it's worth it 100%. You can try the FREE demo HERE as well! I tried it and passed but this is just a glimpse of the Rosetta Stone  program. I know there is much more to it and if I had this program (all 5 levels) I know I would be a lot more successful at becoming fluent in Spanish. I've read most of the reviews and there was nothing negative that I could find! There is no way that I could afford even one level, so for now I will continue to look online for more programs preferably free that can help me on this mission.  Is anyone fluent in another language? What is the best way that you learned? Did you use a program or self teach? What suggestions do you have for me? From now on I will post different sites or blogs that I come across that has helped me out as well! Thanks everyone for stopping by!!!


Chari said...

I don't remember reading that you did that, but that is SO cool! Does your husband speak any spanish? Good luck figuring out the next step :-)

Me and Mine in a Small Town said...

Thanks!! I hope I figure out something soon especially since she is learning so much more everyday. ;0)
:)I talked a little about it here

He knows a lot of words and stuff that I teach him, but his Spanish is a lot more limited than mine.

Melanie said...

try you can learn so many languages on there for free. it is a really great resource.

Me and Mine in a Small Town said...

Thank you! I'm checking it out right now!

Bree, Home of Blogmania said...

That is awesome that you are doing that! I would love to be that faithful at it and we also think we should invest in Rosetta stone. Very cool! Go MOM!