Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Future Military Man.

My son for a little over a month has been into anything dealing with the military. He says he wants to be in the "Army Force" :) He wants everything camouflaged and anything dealing with the Army. One of my little cousins left for basic training a few weeks ago and we wrote him this morning. My son drew a picture of him and himself with guns shooting the enemy. He also drew the "drill sergeant yelling and training them for combat.." I'm really proud of my little cousin AND my other little cousins who are now in the Military. I have a little cousin who is in the Air Force Academy in CO, a little cousin who just graduated Motor T School and is now officially a Fleet Marine and then this little cousin who just left for the Army. I'm so proud of them all and remember when they were little. I can't believe where they are now! I also have an older cousin who is serving as well. Oh and I can't forget about my cousins by marriage. 3 of  my cousins ( I think it's 3 it might be more) are military wives.... I'm proud of them all and thank all of them for their service! My son says he wants to be in the Military when he becomes a man too he says. I found a site that has Army Kid Gear (called KIDS ARMY) as well! I would so love one day if I could get this for him..... (Click HERE to see).  I also wanted to share some coloring pages we found online for any of you that know a little future Navy,Marine,Air Force or Army man :) I'm sure they would get a kick out of this! Thank you all who have served and who are serving!

Military Coloring Pages
NAVY Ribbon Coloring Page
MARINE Ribbon Coloring Page
AIR FORCE Ribbon Coloring Page
ARMY Ribbon Coloring Page


Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

If you sew, you can make the camo uniform! Several fabric stores carry camo fabric, then you just make a pair of pants and a button down shirt. It may not be exactly like the photo, but it's very doable and you son will love it. I made camo clothing for my boys for Halloween costumes one year, so they could be "Army fighters." They wore the costumes to shreds! I'd have to peel them off of the boys to wash them.

LisaWeidknecht said...

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