Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Livemocha Journal Week 3

I'm a Livemocha guide AND a Livemocha Language Exchange Partner!!! How cool is that?!
Sometimes I think that I don't know as much as I do, but yesterday I was speaking to someone in Spanish and they knew what I was trying to tell them! I found out that I didn't say it exactly the correct way but I got my point    across and was understood!!! I'm so excited!!
I have been saying a lot more things to my daughter and she is learning and understanding so much more!!!
I want to give myself a goal of becoming fluent by my daughters 2nd birthday next January.
I forgot to mention when your a Livemocha member not only will you be learning another language you can help others learn English (if you want to).
This week I worked on my Spanish probably about 5 days, I learned some new things,but mostly reviewed what   I learned in the last few weeks. I printed some flash cards too!!!:)  This week has been pretty busy just as the next 2 weeks will be for me....I might fill you all in on it at a later date!
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